Saturday, December 6, 2014

dust and dirt and everything

The desert means everything to me...
it's where I live and love and want to be until I can't be anymore.
No, this isn't meant to be cryptic, it's just that when I make photos of the desert, especially pinhole photos of it, I realize just how much all of this dust, dirt and rocks add up.

Holga Wide pinhole
Arista 100 film sloshed around in caffenol
Trona, California  November 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

sweeping landscape

The Trona Pinnacles are swooshed away in this minute long pinhole made with a P-Sharan  cardboard camera with Fuji 200 film.
The P-Sharan is a fun little camera that comes in a flat box of die cut cardboard pieces that requires about an hour of assembly.  It's fun!

It's truly not about the camera or the film but the place.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trona Pinnacles

More often than not, landscapes put me in a trance. 
The area around the Trona Pinnacles is such a place. The austere beauty draws you in and then makes you feel small, insignificant and strips all ego to the bone. 

There's nothing to prove, and nothing to do except soak it all in and just hope it lingers and makes you a better person for having seen it.

Holga Wide Pinhole, 120
Trona California

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pinhole workshop at the C4FAP in Fort Collins

The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado had it's 10 year anniversary celebration last weekend and I went up to do a caffenol demo as part of the festivities.

I also attended a very cool and awesomely fun pinhole workshop as part of the good times had by all goings on!

It was hosted by Mike Butts and Kimberly Chiaris.  You won't meet any finer people than Mike and Kim!   (They fed us pizza too, so you gotta love that!)

We made pinhole cameras out of quart sized paint cans in the workshop and then loaded and developed, loaded and developed, loaded and developed, etc. etc. etc. and then showed off our photos for the better part of 3 hours.  It was great being around such a fine group of creative minds and seeing the results of our endeavors with our pinhole paint cans.

The first pinhole I made was of an old Hudson Hornet I found parked behind the POP-up studio we were using.

I love old cars and when I found this cool old Hudson, well, that was icing on the cake!!!

The photo turned out pretty well and the exposure in bright sun was a breeze!   

Some wheat pasting can be seen on the back wall of the studio we were using behind the Hudson. This happened earlier in the day as part of the ongoing festivities for the C4FAP.

The pinhole shot above is of a puddle of leaves I found in the street near the studio.  I like ground level shots like's the view of bugs!

Fort Collins has some really interesting artwork painted on the control boxes around town.  This one had some wide eyed lambs.  Perfect for pinhole, I just kind of wish this one was in color because it was full of it!

We all had a great time!
Thanks to everyone at the Center for Fine Art Photography for making everything go so smoothly and presenting a fine alternative processes show!

Thanks to Judy Sherrod of shootapalooza for her time and friendship.

P.S., I've built and made a LOT of pinhole cameras, but this little paint can pinhole I made during the workshop is a sweetie and my current favorite for shooting.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

oh give me a home.....

where the buffalo roam.....

just south of the Wyoming border, these are on the Terry Bison Ranch.

I love buffalo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Film News!

A very cool and informative podcast abour Ferrania Film

Give this a listen if you are interested in the future of Ferrania film....I have used it in the past and will definitely use it again when they start shipping.